Admissions Now Open for the Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships

The Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships (CGS) program annually awards Canadian and permanent resident students with doctoral scholarships in recognition of academic and research excellence. The Vanier CGS are prestigious and competitive scholarships valued at over $50,000 per year for three years. They can help fund the cost of graduate studies at any Canadian university or college, as well as limited short-term research training or work placements abroad.

Admissions Now Open for the Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships

Apply for admission on Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships 2023-2024. All disciplines and subjects are offered on Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships. One of the most competitive and popular scholarships provided to graduate students in Canada is the Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship. This scholarship is available for Canadian citizens and international applicants.

The Vanier Canada Graduate scholarship offers graduates a chance to work with three of Canada’s most important federal agencies, which include the Natural Sciences department and Engineering Research Council (NSERC), the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR), and the Humanities or Social Sciences Research Council (SSHRC).

Each of these agencies grants 55 scholarships to international graduate students. This program offers graduate-level scholarships in the humanities or social sciences, natural sciences, health, and engineering.

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About Vanier Canada

Vanier is a prestigious national program that provides graduate scholarships to doctoral-level students. Established in 2008 by Jean Chrétien, twenty of these prizes are awarded yearly to students with high academic standing and leadership qualities. A generous gift from the Government of Canada honors one of Canada’s most distinguished statesmen, Mr. Georges P. Vanier (1918-1967), Governor General from 1959 to 1967. The Vanier Program is funded jointly by the federal government and Canadian universities or colleges through their faculties or schools of graduate studies. The award covers tuition fees and living expenses during their degree studies at any institution in Canada - a full scholarship!

About the Scholarship

The Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships are a prestigious award recognizing up to five Canadian graduate students in any field of study or discipline. The scholarship is based on academic excellence, demonstrated leadership, and community involvement, with eligibility criteria that include citizenship, previous education, and research experience. These scholarships provide up to $50,000 annually over a three-year term.

Benefits of the Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship benefits

The total number of Vanier scholarships awarded annually is 166. Each of these scholarships offers the recipient $50,000 paid per anum.

Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship Eligibility Notes

To start, applications from citizens of all countries are welcomed, whether you hold Canadian citizenship or not. The Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship is available for both part-time and full-time students.

For your application to be considered for the Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship, you must be nominated by a Canadian institution that has received the scholarship quota. A quota refers to the maximum number of students selected by an institution.

Only students pursuing their doctoral degrees for the first time will be considered for the scholarship. Additionally, the candidates who have done their masters must not have studied 20 months of full-time study in their doctoral program by the 1st of May 2023.

Suppose the applicant has not previously enrolled in a master’s program, but they have enrolled in a graduate research program (Joint) such as DVM/Ph.D., MD/Ph.D., or MA/Ph.D. In that case, they must not have completed over 32 months of study in their doctoral program by the 1st of May, 2023. This criteria also applies to applicants who have directly enrolled for a Ph.D. after their bachelor’s degree.

It also applies to candidates who might have enrolled in a master’s program but have not obtained a master’s degree. The months of study for such applicants are counted from the day they enrolled in their master’s program.

The candidates should also have a first-class grade average. This grade point is determined by the institution that is nominating them. Lastly, all applicants must apply for a Ph.D. degree fellowship from the first time for the first time (SSHRC, CIHR, or NSERC).

Who is Eligible?

These scholarships are open to international students and Canadian citizens or permanent residents of any country outside North America, Europe, Central, and South America. The competition is also available to Canadian citizens or permanent residents from countries within North America, Europe, Central, and South America. There are not many restrictions on who can apply for these scholarships. Just be eligible to study in a graduate program at a Canadian university to apply.

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Submitting Application for Vanier Graduate Scholarship in Canada:

The most important thing that you should know before applying for the scholarship is that candidates cannot apply for the Vanier CGS directly. Instead, they must be nominated through the institutions where they wish to complete their doctoral studies.

To be nominated, you can reach out to the institution where you wish to complete your doctoral studies and check whether they have the space available to appoint a candidate for the Vanier CGS or not. Similarly, if you’ve shown exceptional performance in your academics, your institution might reach out to you first for the nomination.

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Once you have been nominated, the next step will be filling out your application for the Vanier CGS. To do this, you first need to create a ResearchNet account and a Canadian Common CCV account. Next, you’re going to fill out the Self-ID questionnaire.

Once you have created the accounts, you will log in to the website and create an academic CV linked to your ResearchNet account. This CV must include information about your previous education, along with your contributions to the research in your field.

After this, log in to your ResearchNet account and click on the “find funding opportunities” option, followed by “apply for funding.” This will display a list of funding options for you to choose from. Click on the one you like best to access the application.

In the application portion,  you will be given access to a series of tasks that you will be required to complete before you can submit your application. The list of documents that are required for your application are:

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  1. Two Recommendation letters need to be added to a ResearchNet application form
  2. A CV for Scholarship application
  3. Your contributions to academic research and research proposal
  4. A Statement of Personal Leadership that is a maximum of 2 pages long in English and 2.5 pages long in French
  5. Your project references should not exceed five pages
  6. Your precious transcripts
  7. Document of research proposal that should not exceed two pages if written in English and2.5 pages if written in French.

Once you have uploaded all the documents and completed all the tasks, you can submit your application. If your application is selected for nomination by your institution, you will receive a confirmation e-mail.

How to Apply

Start by identifying your specific qualifications. These may include, but are not limited to: what is your year of study? What is your country of citizenship? Have you completed any post-secondary studies? Do you have a bachelor's degree from a Canadian institution? Did you complete a Master's degree or doctoral degree at an accredited university in Canada? Are you currently registered as a full-time graduate student in one of these programs: engineering, natural sciences, applied sciences, social sciences, and humanities? If so, this scholarship program could be for you! Apply now to secure your spot!

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Deadline for the Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship

The deadlines for the Vanier CGS depend upon the institution you are applying to, as each has its own deadlines. However, the deadline for the institutions to submit their nominations to the Vanier CGS program is November 1st, 2022. So to avoid mishaps, ensure that you submit your application to the institution well before November.

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