7 top jobs in Australia for foreigners looking to make a new start

If you’re living outside of Australia and are looking for that special job, it’s important that you know where to look. If you choose to live and work in The United Kingdom, or Europe, you may not find what you’re looking for especially if your skillset is tailored toward finding work Down Under.

7 top jobs in Australia for foreigners looking to make a new start

Finding a job in Australia when you’re not from there can be difficult, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. There are plenty of jobs in Australia for foreigners, especially if you know where to look.

In fact, these seven types of jobs are some of the best opportunities out there, and they could be just what you need to turn your life around and make something of yourself on foreign soil. With these 7 top jobs in Australia for foreigners, you can start turning your dreams into reality today

In 2021, more than 7.6 million migrants were living in Australia. Furthermore, the latest data shows that nearly one-third (29.8 percent) of Australia’s population was born overseas.

Australia is a popular destination for professionals looking to relocate and work in a new place. Not only does it offer stunning views and a diverse population, but it also features a variety of high-paying job opportunities that aren’t always available in other parts of the world. 

Foreign-born workers certainly benefit from relocating to Australia, but Australia’s economy also benefits. When new employees come from other countries, Australia gains access to new skills, perspectives, and methods of solving problems. 

If you’re interested in finding jobs for foreigners in Australia, keep reading. This guide explains the different types of jobs that are in demand here, the country’s work visa requirements, and the top 10 full-time and remote jobs worth considering.

It doesn’t matter if you’re searching for jobs in Australia for foreigners without experience or jobs for those with specific degrees and training. We’re sharing everything you need to know down below.

What are the most Jobs in Australia for Foreigners 

Australians are famous worldwide for their laid-back lifestyle and welcoming attitude, making it an ideal place to live and work. There is a wide range of jobs available depending on where you choose to live.

if you’re considering moving to Australia you should think about what kind of work will suit your skills and experience.

The types of employment opportunities available vary based on your current level of experience, qualifications, and professional skills.

However, we have researched and provided you with some of the most demanding jobs in Australia.

  1. Engineering
  2. Construction
  3. Real estate
  4. Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL)
  5. Music and entertainment
  6. IT/Cloud computing and finance
  7. Sales & Marketing

The above is the best-outlined Jobs for foreigners, we will explain some of those Jobs in detail.


There’s an ongoing need for high-quality engineers, so if you’re skilled in math and science and have relevant experience, working as an engineer will put your skills to good use.

There are lots of engineering-related opportunities available in Australia even if you’re not already working as an engineer, it might be worth getting some formal training before moving there (which can also give you something useful to bring to your job search).

For example, many companies require candidates to have specific accreditations before they’ll even consider hiring them.

You can find out more about what qualifications employers are looking for on sites like Engineers Australia or Engineers Without Borders.

If you don’t have any work experience but want to get into engineering anyway, you could look into doing an internship or volunteering with a local company that uses your skill set.


The construction industry is strong across all sectors, both in NSW and across most of Australia. The boom has led to an increase in labor shortages, which is why it’s great that more and more skilled workers are finding their way here from overseas.

The booming housing sector has led to sustained demand for bricklayers, plasterers, tilers, and carpenters; you can earn as much as $120k per year doing these kinds of skilled trades.

If you have experience with heavy machineries like excavators or cranes, there’s also plenty of work available in mining. In some cases, employers will even pay your relocation costs.

Real estate

real estate is a big market, and it’s also an easy industry to get into as a foreigner. Foreigners living in Australia who want to work here don’t need to worry about getting visas or special permission: they can live and work in Australia just like any other citizen.

And, unlike many countries around the world, those wanting to relocate will find that there are no restrictions on employment when they arrive.

That means if you have a job lined up before you move, you won’t have to apply for any extra permits or permissions you can simply move here and start working. This makes moving much easier than it would be in some other countries.

Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL)

If you have a degree or are TEFL-certified, teaching English as a foreign language can be an interesting way to earn money abroad.

Many cities around the world hire teachers who don’t hold English as their native language, and many foreign students look forward to practicing their second language with you. The requirements for obtaining certification vary by country, but once you pass your test and get your credentials, finding work is generally not difficult. You may even qualify for free housing.

There are some counties where you can teach or work as TEFL

However, ESL teachers in South Korea: Get paid to teach English in South Korea.

Some of the highest-paying ESL teaching jobs on Earth are available at public schools throughout South Korea. Requirements include a bachelor's degree from an accredited university and either a TESOL/TEFL certificate or native-level fluency in both written and spoken English. Schools offer perks like round-trip airfare, bonuses, accommodation, meals & insurance...in addition to paying between $800-$1200 USD per month.

Music and entertainment

Music and entertainment are big draws for people who are considering moving to Australia, but there are many other reasons why Australians flock to cities like Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane.

The climate, health care system, and financial opportunities on offer also play roles in attracting immigrants which is one reason why immigration makes up nearly 30 percent of Australia’s population growth.

The entertainment industry is booming. Australia is a huge market for music and film, so if you’re an aspiring actor or musician, or even a creative producer behind-the-scenes type, you’ll have ample opportunity to get your foot in the door and make some serious cash. One last thing: don’t expect any leeway if you choose to live and work outside of Sydney or Melbourne.

IT/Cloud computing and finance

As technology gets ever more complex, and companies try to keep up with their global competition, IT specialists are ever in demand. Cloud computing is also one of those tech terms that’s sure to be all over headlines over at least 2014, so if you work in these industries or want to be prepared for lots of opportunities.

Technology and finance are among some of the hottest fields right now, so we’re seeing more people than ever immigrate here to work in these areas. As long as you can prove that you’ve got transferable skills from abroad, and have been employed as a senior-level worker/executive with your previous company, it shouldn’t be too difficult to get an offer made for you.

Sales & Marketing

Sales and marketing are both vitally important components of any business. It is therefore not surprising that they are often bundled together, as they rely on each other and feed off each other’s energy.

If you want to get your product into shops and onto websites, you will need someone working on sales.

Likewise, if you want people to come to visit your store or buy your product online, then there needs to be someone working on marketing and getting people excited about what you have going on.

Thanks to their expansive natural resources, friendly communities, and pro-business government, Australians are typically welcoming toward ex-pats.

The country is also one of the most international places on Earth; more than 20 percent of residents were born overseas.

In some cities, like Sydney and Melbourne, there’s already a high demand for English-speaking professionals; you could easily find work here with little more than experience on your resume.

Most Wanting Jobs in Australia

Meanwhile, we have provided you with the best job and you will also look for more job offers available in  Australia.

What jobs will be in demand in the future in Australia?

Jobs of the future: Top 5 industries to have the most jobs in Australia by 2023

  1. Health care.
  2. Education and Training.
  3. Construction.
  4. Professional, scientific, and technical industry.
  5. Travel and tourism industry.

How can I find a job in Australia as a foreigner?

Finding employment can be difficult anywhere, but it’s especially challenging if you live outside of your native country. If you are moving from abroad, below is some information on what companies look for when hiring foreign applicants and some tips on how you can stand out from other applicants.

Conduct some research into each company that interests you and see what their application requirements are so that you know exactly what to send in with your application or resume when applying.

here are some of the places you can get a search.

Australia's largest employment marketplace.
Australian Government Job Search. It's the second leading resource for job seekers in Australia.
Adzuna. Bringing every job into one place so you can find yours.

What jobs will be in demand in 2025 in Australia?

With its friendly people, enjoyable climate, and location right in between Asia and Europe, it’s no wonder that more and more ex-pats are choosing to relocate to one of Australia’s many booming metropolitan areas. It’s also no surprise that these foreign workers are looking for jobs within their own industries. From investment banking to software development,

Final Thought

Getting started on a job hunt can be daunting, particularly if you’re not sure where to begin. That’s why we’ve put together these 7 job ideas, which will help you get your search off to a flying start. If you need more information about working and living in Australia, there are some great resources on our site (we particularly recommend starting with our What Can I Do In... guides). So go ahead:

scroll through these suggestions and pick one that takes your fancy. Then get out there and apply! You never know what might happen