2023 Scholarships in Canada for International Students – Apply Now!

It’s never too early to start planning for your future, and if you’re an international student looking to study in Canada, now is the time to start researching scholarships. Here are some of the best scholarships available for international students in 2023. So what are you waiting for? Start your research and get your applications in today!

2023 Scholarships in Canada for International Students – Apply Now!

Now that you’ve found the perfect university in Canada, it’s time to start applying for scholarships! Scholarships provide opportunities to gain an education from top universities without having to worry about paying tuition fees. In this article, you’ll learn how to find and apply for Canadian scholarships in 2023 that are available to international students like you. We’ll also walk you through how to pay your tuition fees if you don’t win any of these scholarships! 

Scholarships in Canadian Universities for the academic batch of 2023-2024 are announced for international students to enroll applicants in undergrad and postgrad degree programs. Most of these Canadian Scholarships do not even require IELTS certification.

Completing higher education in Canada might seem impossible due to various obstacles, like tuition & application fees, inflation rate, financial crisis, and language test requirements, but not anymore. The prestigious Canadian universities have taken some significant steps to attract international students as much as possible via student-friendly approaches.

Applicants who want to start their undergraduate or postgraduate studies in Canada can opt for the universities offering BS, MS, Doctoral, Diplomas, Certificates, & Exchange programs with no mandatory IELTS requirements and low to zero application fees. Meanwhile, the financially unprivileged applicants can also earn benefits from their fully / partially-funded scholarship schemes, providing sponsorship coverage to the scholars.

The above-stated things are practically possible without requiring IELTS scores that bother almost every interested international applicant. Yes, that is right, as applicants have the choice to opt for the IELTS alternative tests or language certificates to meet the language requirements for admission and scholarships.

Studies In Canada

There are several scholarships available for international students who want to study in Canada. These scholarships can help cover the cost of tuition, living expenses, and other associated costs. To be eligible for these scholarships, students must apply by the deadline. The earlier you apply, the better your chances of being awarded a scholarship. So if you're thinking about studying in Canada in 2023, start researching and applying for scholarships now!

Do Canadian Universities Only Accept IELTS?

Indeed, IELTS is the most commonly used English language proficiency test accepted at Canadian Universities to determine the English language proficiency of interested applicants. But it is not the only test approved by the Canadian Academies.

Applicants from every part of the world with no connections to English-speaking countries can also submit other language tests rather than IELTS. On the other side, applicants who are unable to show the other language test scores have the chance to demonstrate their language proficiency via English Language Certificates from the previous educational institute.

English Language Tests Other than IELTS Accepted at the Canadian Universities:

International candidates can submit the scores of the following language test, accepted by the Canadian Universities as an alternative to IELTS, to meet the language proficiency requirements. The below-listed tests are way inexpensive and less complicated than the IELTS.

  • PTE
  • DET
  • CAEL
  • CAE
  • CPE
  • CanTest

Is it possible to get IELTS Exemption at Canadian Universities?

Getting the required IELTS bands for admission and scholarships is not a walk in the park. Many intelligent and highly academic scored students do not get required bands in IELTS so easily. Hence, in the light of such issues, Canadian Universities have issued a list of approved English language tests as IELTS alternatives. Moreover, applicants belonging to English-speaking countries have also got an IELTS exemption.

Similarly, candidates who have completed four years of previous education from the English medium college/institute are exempted from this category. Other than these, an English language certificate from the previous institute will fulfill the language requirements.

However, if it is still impossible for a candidate to abide by the criteria, here is another option. Get yourself enrolled in the English language course offered by reputable Canadian Universities that aims to improve the English language skills of the interested applicant.

Requirement of IELTS for Canadian Study VISA: Optional

The need for IELTS scores is not mentioned anywhere in the list of official required documents for the Canadian Student Study Visa. However, candidates, except the English countries, may get asked to show language proficiency proof via IELTS or alternative tests to become eligible for Canadian Universities.

List of the Prestigious Canadian Universities Without IELTS:

To overcome the tension of international applicants, plenty of universities in Canada accept overseas applicants with all their hearts without asking for IELTS scores. Following is the list of such universities:

  1. University of Toronto
  2. Queen’s University
  3. University of Saskatchewan
  4. Dalhousie University
  5. McGill University
  6. University of Manitoba
  7. Ontario Tech University
  8. University of Regina
  9. Algoma University
  10. Brandon University
  11. Brock University
  12. University of Winnipeg
  13. Concordia University
  14. University of Guelph
  15. Athabasca University
  16. University of Windsor
  17. Royal Roads University
  18. Carleton University
  19. University of Alberta
  20. Cambrian College
  21. Memorial University of Newfoundland

Let us discuss each renowned university with offered degree programs, language criteria, application fees, etc.

1. University of Toronto English Language Requirements With Scholarships:

The very famous University of Toronto accepts CAEL, CAE, CanTest, IB, CPA, TOEFL, & YUELI scores for the undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate degree programs. Meanwhile, financially challenged students can opt for the Al Mercury Scholarship, Lester B. Pearson International Scholarship, Arthur B.Johns Admission Scholarship, etc.

Acceptance Rate of Toronto University: 43%
Admission Application Fee of Toronto University: $180

2. Queen’s University English Language Requirements With Scholarships:

Queen’s University has announced financial aid and scholarships for undergrads and postgrad students. Interested applicants can apply for the Excellence Scholarships, Chancellor’s Scholarship, Queen’s Tri-Agency Recipient Recognition Awards, etc. Meanwhile, acceptable language tests at Queen’s University are, CAEL, Duolingo, TOEFL, Cambridge English, & PTE.

Acceptance Rate of Queen’s University: 68%
Admission Application Fee of Queen’s University: $100

3. University of Saskatchewan English Language Requirements With Scholarships:

Applicants willing to study at the University of Saskatchewan can enroll in the diverse degree programs under the scholarship schemes. Such programs include BS, MS, & Ph.D. programs. Meanwhile, available scholarships at the University of Saskatchewan are J.M. Sharpe Memorial Scholarship, Entrance Scholarships, Edwards Undergraduate Scholarships, etc.

Also, submit the TOEFL iBT, CanTest, CAEL, C1 Advanced, PTE Academic, & Duolingo scores for language proficiency.

Acceptance Rate of University of Saskatchewan: 45%
Admission Application Fee of University of Saskatchewan: CAD 90

4. Dalhousie University English Language Requirements With Scholarships:

Finance your agriculture, undergraduate, graduate, & postgraduate degrees via Dalhousie University scholarships. Applicants can become eligible for the following scholarships via DET, C1/C2, TOEFL, MELAB, PTE, & CAEL scores.

Some noble scholarships are Andrew MacKay Alumni Scholarships, Abdul Majid Bader Graduate Scholarship, Faculty of Agriculture Scholarships, etc.

Acceptance Rate of Dalhousie University: 60% – 70%
Admission Application Fee of Dalhousie University: $115

5. McGill University English Language Requirements With Scholarships:

McGill University is a famous name in Canada, accepting DET, CAE, CPE, CAEL, PTE, & TOEFL scores for the scholarships open for the Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctorate programs. Eligible applicants can opt for the AdvanSix STEM Scholarship Endowment, Merit-based Scholarships, Research Scholarships, and many more.

Acceptance Rate of McGill University: 33.6%
Admission Application Fee of McGill University: $122.52 (for undergraduate) & $125.71 & (for graduate)

6. University of Manitoba English Language Requirements With Scholarships:

International and domestic students can apply for admission in their undergraduate, certificate, and graduate studies. Moreover, financially challenged students can also win many funded scholarships, like Rhodes Scholarship, Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships, Berdie & Irvin Cohen Scholarship, etc. Other than IELTS, applicants can submit PTE, CAEL, CanTest, C1/C2, TOEFL IBT, & IAEP scores.

Acceptance Rate of University of Manitoba: 52%
Admission Application Fee of University of Manitoba: $100 (Canadians) & $120 (for overseas)

7. Ontario Tech University English Language Requirements With Scholarships:

Ontario Tech University accepts TOEFL, Cambridge Tests, MELAB, CAEL, DET, & PTE scores for undergraduates and graduate courses. However, offered scholarships at the Ontario Tech University are ELC Scholarship, Global Leadership Award, International Leader Award, and more.

Acceptance Rate of Ontario Tech University:70%
Admission Application Fee of Ontario Tech University: $150.00 (secondary), $156.00 (non-secondary)

8. University of Regina English Language Requirements With Scholarships:

Passionate overseas and local candidates can opt for the ESL, CCE, Undergraduate, and Graduate programs offered at the University of Regina. On the other hand, selected candidates will also get their hands on the following scholarships to finance their education; International Entrance Scholarship, UR Circle of Scholars Entrance Scholarship.

In addition, submit the DET, TOEFL IBT/PBT, UoFR ESL, CanTest, MELAB, CAEL, & PTE scores.

Acceptance Rate of Regina University: 80%-90%
Admission Application Fee of Regina University: CAD 100

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9. Algoma University English Language Requirements With Scholarships:

Algoma University also accepts other tests, like PTE, TOEFL, DET, CAEL, and Cambridge English scores for the degree programs related to the creative fields, like psychology, nursing, arts, music, etc. Similarly, the scholarships of Algoma University also help needy candidates to complete their education under Chancellor’s Award Scholarships, Entrance Scholarships, Athletic Scholarships, etc.

Acceptance Rate of Algoma University: 56%
Admission Application Fee of Algoma University: $70 (for non-0 UAC), $125 (for internationals)

10. Brandon University English Language Requirements With Scholarships:

Another prestigious university giving scholarships and admission without IELTS scores is Brandon University. Applicants & Athletes can finance their degree programs, like BS, MS, or Doctorate programs, with valuable scholarships, like Deans’ Awards, Board of Governors Entrance Scholarships, & AP Scholarships.

Make sure to satisfy the language requirements of Brandon University via C1/C2, CAEL, CAEL- CE, CanTest, EAP, TOEFL, and PTEA.

Acceptance Rate of Brandon University: 47.5%
Admission Application Fee of Brandon University: CAD 70.00 (Minnesota &locals), CAD 140.00 (overseas)

11. Brock University English Language Requirements With Scholarships:

The very famous Brock University offers BS, MS, Ph.D., and Research courses in various fields. Applicants, either local or international, can also win partially or fully funded scholarships, like Goodman Scholarships, Caribbean International Scholarship, Chancellor’s First Nations Award, etc.

Fulfill the language requirements of Brock University via TOEFL, DET, PTE, CAEL, IELP, CAE, CPE, IB, CAEL CE, & CanTest scores.

Acceptance Rate of Brock University: 73%
Admission Application Fee of Brock University: $130

12. University of Winnipeg English Language Requirements With Scholarships:

The University of Winnipeg is a name that needs no introduction. Eligible candidates can go for their undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate studies. Moreover, Winnipeg university also offers language programs and funded sponsorship coverages for scholarship schemes.

Interested candidates can submit the DET, TOEFL, C1, C2, AEPUCE, ELP, PTE, CAEL-CE, CAE, & CanTest scores.

Scholarships offered at Winnipeg University are AP & IB Entrance Scholarships, President’s Scholarship for World Leaders, Application-Required Entrance Scholarships, etc.

Acceptance Rate of University of Winnipeg: 68% to 75%
Admission Application Fee of University of Winnipeg: $100 (for locals), $120 (for overseas).

13. Concordia University English Language Requirements With Scholarships:

Concordia University accepts DET and TOEFL scores as IELTS alternatives for Graduate, Doctorate, and Undergraduate programs. The above-stated degree programs can be sponsored via Concordia Presidential Scholarship, Concordia Merit Scholarship, FRQSC Doctoral Research Scholarships, etc.

Acceptance Rate of University of Concordia: 70.8%
Admission Application Fee of University of Concordia: CAD 100

14. University of Guelph English Language Requirements With Scholarships:

Next is the University of Guelph, offering degrees and scholarships for master’s, bachelor’s, and Ph.D. courses. Financially unprivileged students can also avail the golden chance and apply for the Lincoln Alexander Chancellor’s Scholarship, In-course scholarships, Need-based scholarships, etc.

On the other hand, submit the ELCP, CAEL, TOEFL, C1 Advanced or C2 Proficiency, DET, & PTE scores for language proficiency proof.

Acceptance Rate of Guelph University: 66%
Admission Application Fee of Guelph University: CAD 40

15. Athabasca University English Language Requirements With Scholarships:

Athabasca University has funded scholarships providing financial and academic aid for undergraduate and graduate degree students. Students can become eligible for the scholarships via TOEFL, MELAB, PTE, & CAEL scores.

Scholarships by Athabasca University are AAA Awards, Albert and Pirkko Karvonen Environment Award, and so on.

Acceptance Rate of Athabasca University: 75%
Admission Application Fee of Athabasca University: $123

Final Thought

Scholarships are a great way to finance your education, and there are many scholarships available to international students in Canada. The best way to find out about scholarships is to search the internet, talk to your guidance counselor, or look up information at your local library. Remember, the earlier you start looking for scholarships, the better your chances of getting one! So get started today and good luck!